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Green Arm is an incubated project in Nahdet El-Mahrousa NGO, aims to address challenges of the urban environment in Egypt, its members are social and environmental activists, some of which are among the founding fathers of the cycling movement in Egypt.

Green Arm Consists of a Think Tank and Outreach component. The main campaign of the Green Arm calls for sustainable transportation; calling for less cars and more walking, cycling, and public transportation, and the enabling policies, infrastructure, and cultural change needed.

The Think Tank conducts research and gathers consultants and mentors, while the Outreach disseminates the messages of the Think Tank. It advocates for its recommendations and networks between existing youth organizations and promotes mass collaboration of relevant grassroots initiatives. This is seen in its media productions, its regular awareness sessions (Green Series of Salon El-Mahrousa), rallies, workshops, and localization of global movements (350 Cairo).

We value the importance of connecting initiatives that use outdoor activities and sports to encourage youth to “go out”, out of isolation and detachment from both their natural environment and the outdoor urban environment. We believe that such initiatives restore the ownership of one’s surroundings, and hence stimulate young people to preserve and restore the environment. We also value the potential of innovative ICT solution and emerging tools to serve our cause.

To achieve widespread cultural change towards socially responsible green living in urban communities and advocate for better streets and public spaces that enable healthier and lifestyles.

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