The Role of Online Social Networking in Promoting Sustainable Mobility in Egypt

Abstract of Current studies under development at the Green Arm on “The Role of Online Social Networking in Promoting Sustainable Mobility in Egypt“:

The advent of social media tools in recent years has played a key role in the emergence of
civil-society cycling groups in Egypt. Youth-led Cairo Cyclers Club (CCC) and other pioneering
cycling groups rapidly expanded since 2008 and replicated elsewhere, and in some cases used
by creative entrepreneurs as business opportunities and has become recognized widely by the
media as a remarkable phenomena. Green Arm is conducting research to examine how the
civil society, empowered by social media (e.g. Facebook and online blogs, etc) and Web2 tools,
promoted sustainable mobility in Egypt. It also maps out how the organic growth of activists
occurred while discussing the drivers behind them, the lessons learnt, and the gender and
cultural aspects of the movement.

The research is based on a survey of the online content indicating the history of events of
cycling groups (Facebook timelines, track of event announcements, blogs, media coverage, etc)
combined with personal interviews with the group leaders and key activists and partnering civil
society organizations (CSOs). The launching period of identified cycling groups and track record
are also examined for each group to determine the drivers and to discuss the administrative and
performance aspects, the sustainability of the initiative, and the business model if any.

Results could enhance understanding of how online social networking can be employed to
promote sustainable mobility in Egypt and other green practices and behavioral change that
require similar social marketing activity.

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