Kefaya Za7ma campaign launched in Cairo Climate Leadership Workshop

The Green Arm has re-launched the Kefaya Zahma campaign at the Cairo Climate Leadership Workshop held at the Bokrah NGO premises in Nasr City. The campaign was first introduced on Moving Planet – the September 24th, 2011 global day of climate action – when 500 cyclists and marchers took to the streets of Cairo holding the Kefaya Za7ma banner to call for sustainable transport. and the DEMENA Climate Ambassador Program organized a 2-day climate leadership workshop on June 29th and 30th where a new generation of climate activists – 25 people in total from Cairo, Mansoura and Suez- learned about climate science, campaigning, using storytelling for change, as well as leadership and team building. The Green Arm gave an interactive presentation about the importance of sustainable transportation for Egypt, considering the high toll that  the unsustainable growth of the use of private vehicles is taking upon health, economy and the climate – the transport sector being the fastest growing contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in Egypt.

Mohamed, a volunteer from the audience calculated that if nothing is done to curb the current 5% increase in cars per year- there will be an increase from 3 million cars today to a staggering 44 million cars by the time Mohamed becomes 80 years old. Unless action is taken, his children will never play in a public space or breathe clean air.

Through this simple exercise the Green Arm stressed on the absolute need for a change in existing transportation policy to shift planning towards sustainable transportation (pedestrianization, bicycling and mass transport). The Green Arm also showcased the case study of the Egyptian cycling movement which has grown immensely over the past 4 years.

Many sustainable transport-related creative action plans spun off from the workshop, which include mapping cycling routes, movie screenings and mass bicycle rallies.

The Green Arm is working on further outreach activities under the Kefaya Za7ma campaign with the help of Cairo activists and other partners such as Harrassmap.


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