Green Arm Meets Fayoum!



Green Arm was invited by the team of Sustainable Transport Project for Egypt (STP) to meet emerging cycling groups in Fayoum city on Feb. 17th, 2015.

We presented the history of the cycling movement in Greater Cairo and made an experimental demonstration of Cairo’s air pollution to remind people in Fayoum how lucky they are that cars have not yet taken up their public spaces.

Our favorite part was Dr. Ali Huzayyen’s presentation of the plans for Fayoum, upgrading sidewalks and fitting several kilometers of cycling lanes into the roads around Fayoum university and its neighborhood. UNDP seems to be doing a very nice job in promoting cycling in Fayoum and finding creative schemes to facilitate bike ownership among youth.

20150217_134513 b

 Planned upgrades presented by Prof. Ali Huzayyen, Cairo University

20150217_132500 b

 Separate bike lanes using hard rubber barriers seemed most suitable after the field surveys.

20150217_132448 b

Cycling is already common in Fayoum!

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